Saturday, 25 February 2012

Weekend Stitchings

I am slightly totally obsessed with my six month old kitten, Maisie.
Ben found her and brought her to me, four weeks old and covered in fleas, with a hard tummy full of worms. She was so weak she could barely walk. After being defleaed, dewormed, and several showers later, she was the cutest furball. She was also mine. My first ever pet, at the age of 23. 
She now has her own harness and lead, and I take her for jaunts in the garden (not yet spayed or microchipped, I don't want her being ravaged by the local toms), and she has claimed the windowsill in my bedroom, where I provide fresh water almost daily for her, in her very own pint glass; it stops her drinking mine. 
So, yes, she is a pampered princess of a kitten. She has had a few dresses (unfortunately not handmade...yet), and has a collection of pretty collars, ready for the time when she is ready for the big, wide world. 
But I needed to craft something to commemorate her, and our relationship. It was then that I stumbled upon a tutorial for embroidered pet silhouettes (I have since lost the link, but will continue to search). 
A silhouette of Maisie stitched into eternity, alongside -of course- one of me.

After a few attempts, I managed to get Maisie to sit still enough for a profile photograph, and took one of myself too. I then fiddled around with them both to make them silhouettes and then added frames and printed. And then I began to stitch. 

This is it so far. I used satin stitch for the main silhouette and a running back stitch for the frame. The rest of the frame is visible through the material - I just held the paper and cotton together with the embroidery hoop and stitched straight through the paper. 

Once this one is finished I will begin on mine, and then the two will be housed in a vintage frame, me on top (the master, obviously) and her below. 

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