Monday, 26 March 2012

A New Love

My Nanna always taught me to have CLEAN, well manicured nails, and I cannot abide dirty fingernails - unless they belong to Ben, whom I know to be clean but very hard-working at his very dirty job. I also dislike extremely long fingernails, and I think this is because my mother told me to steer clear of men with long nails and a pinky ring, as they would probably be perverts (I apologise if you have long nails and a pinky ring and are NOT a pervert, but your hands probably make people think you are). 

Also, one thing that never fails to cheer me up is nail varnish, especially buying a new one. This may have been why I accumulated a rather large overdraft during university - lots of time + being away from home = new nail polish almost daily. I do have quite an extensive collection, which continues to grow on a regular basis - my latest is Rimmel's 280 "Sunshine" - see, even the names cheer you up!

I like to express myself through what I am wearing whenever I can - I really do feel that what you wear is an extension of yourself. This is one of the reasons I have hardly any black in my wardrobe (1 pair of work trousers, 2 LBDs, 1 black cardigan (+ a multitude of black tights, which don't really count)); when I wear black, I don't feel like me. 

It is the same with my nails; when they are plain I feel a little bit naked, and a big bit boring. I look down at my plain, naked nails and think "Oh I wish I had painted you." Funnily enough, this doesn't seem to extend to my toes, as they are covered up most of the time. I will usually only paint these if they are going to be seen, and especially if I am going to my BFF's house as she has a strange disgust/fear of unpainted toenails. 

Colourful painted nails are not enough. I have now fallen in love with nail art. PATTERNS? On your NAILS? Yes please. 

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, and I am addicted to F*** Yeah Nail Art! on Tumblr. (I just had to have a quick browse after linking you).

My first attempt - an homage to Cath Kidston (Yes, that's her bedding too):

Second attempt:

I hope you like them! My blue nails, I realised after I'd painted them, accidentally match my new bicycle that I bought myself at the weekend! It is a sky blue Claud Butler Windermere, but with Claud Butler Cambridge handlebars and seat - with an added kickstand, wicker basket, a bigger bell and possibly a shiny horn. Oh I do love shopping local. Pictures to be uploaded when the bike has been customised for me! 

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